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We have a common dream to create lifestyle hotels on earth and beyond.

In order to convert our dream into reality, we decided to co-found Spacetainment and sail out on a bold voyage together.

Our vision is to make space, just another magical travel destinations to stay, work, and gain a fresh new perspective.

As the first step of our journey, we have started the Space Art project, in which we deploy art in space and deliver our best sensibilities and inspiration on the most magnificent canvas in human history.


Kaho Sakakibara, CEO     

Yasu Yamazaki, CBO

Credit : NASA

By leaving the planet, we can look at our planet with fresh new perspective. 

Our idea for all projects are inspired by The Overview Effect. By traveling to space, further away from the daily lives, we hope to inspire modern knowledge workers to re-look at their work from different perspectives and empower them with totally new level of creativity.

Interested in talking to us?

We will share our direct contacts, because we love talking to people. No spam, we hate it, I hope you do too :-) 

Yasu Yamazaki, CBO

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